Business Buying Services is an accredited, professional advisory and valuation service that was established in 2000 to assist private clients and companies realise their new business acquisition goals.

With offices located in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane we are also well placed to offer value to those clients seeking to expand into other states through acquisition.

Buying a business is a complex process. Buyers are faced with many decisions from taking that first step to buy a business through to:

  • Choosing the type of business to match their skills.

  • Matching a business to their risk profile.

  • Matching their lifestyle/strategic objectives to a business.

  • Finding the right business.

  • Negotiating appropriate terms and conditions.

Business Buying Services provides buyers with the skills and expertise that are needed to make a sound investment decision by:

  • Identifying the clients requirements.

  • Finding the businesses that match their requirements.

  • Generating an offer.

Business Buying Services offers the knowledge and skills to successfully manage the acquisition process end to end.