A Business Valuation is an important tool that helps validate and benchmark the true value of a company or business.

If you are contemplating a Business Valuation, make sure it is a valuation built on a firm foundation that can withstand challenges. The science and theories we apply to our valuations are time-tested: our measures also include the market forces that shape business value in the marketplace. Because we are also a Mergers and Acquisitions firm, we understand how these market forces shape business value.

We go a step further to strengthen our valuations by applying a proprietary process to keep our business valuations streamlined and accurate. If you need a timely and defensible valuation, put BBS expertise to work for you.

Our Business Valuations are best suited for:

  • Estate Planning.

  • Buy-Out Agreements.

  • Disability, Divorce and Death.

  • Business Loans.

  • Preparation for the Sale of a Business.

  • Business Growth and Exit Planning.

Business Valuation Options

  1. Limited Scope: A valuation report that produces accurate but summary review.

  2. Fair Market Value: A full-scope business valuation that includes more details and additional support.

  3. Comprehensive Business Valuation: A valuation that incorporates broad and complex business and financial reviews.


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