Business Buying Services approaches each situation with a step by step process to facilitate clear thinking about the client’s choices. We do this by:

1. Identifying the clients needs

The process starts with a comprehensive assessment of the clients needs. We identify:

  • Their business and lifestyle objectives and goals.

  • Preferred industry sector.

  • Preferred geographic location.

  • Level of investment.

  • Financing capacity.

2. Search and discovery

The second step is finding the business that matches the client’s needs. We assist by:

  • Conducting a targeted business search.

  • Identifying potential acquisitions.

  • Assessing the value.

  • Benchmarking against key performance indicators.

  • Assessing non financial aspects.

3. Generating an offer

The third step is to keep the transaction focused on key outcomes and not to be overwhelmed by too many details. We assist by:

  • Preparing a heads of agreement or terms of offer.

  • Negotiating the sale price and terms with the vendor or adviser (subject to due diligence by your accountant and solicitor).

  • Facilitating resolution of issues between buyer and seller.


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